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1) No One Cares
2) Track Team
3) It's All Fake 
4) Stupid Bitch 

5) Trash Picker
6) Alcoholic

This record was recorded and mixed on January 3rd, 2003 at New Alliance recording studios in Boston, MA. The music could be described as super heavy, tuned-down punk rock. All the songs were written in the late 1990's during a period of extreme drug use, depression, fucked-up derelicts loitering around my apartment, a tumultuous marriage, and tons of misery surrounding me constantly.  It was very inspiring creatively for writing heavy, depressing, and aggressive music.

    I started the band in 1997, but didn't really get it rolling until late 2002.   I got old friends Paulie Kraynak, on bass (who used to play with me in Anal Cunt ) and Rob Williams (who I used to play with in Siege and a couple of other bands), on drums. 

    The main inspiration to get this recorded was that I was asked to do a song for a Thor movie called, Graveyard.  So along with that song, ("Throwing Cars at People on Coke with Thor") which was also released on his cd, Triumphant, we ended up recording the six other songs.  We played a show about 6 months after recording this, and we're getting ready to record another session in October, 2004 (in order to have enough material for a full-length cd) but it got pushed back due to me being in a coma. 

    In 2006, an impatient fan (and a cool guy) talked me into releasing this - and I'm glad I did because this is probably one of the greatest recordings I have ever made. I went to a really good studio instead of being cheap and going into a lesser-quality studio. 

    The result is this great recording, which was well worth all the money spent.  It was recorded by Ken Cmar, who I had worked with in the past with my band, Anal Cunt . This recording was mixed by Ken and myself. The session could've all fit onto a 7" record, but I wanted it to be a 12".  We put all the songs onto one side of the record, which I thought was a cool idea.   

-Seth Putnam / 8-9-08



Side One
1) Leech 
2) For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) 
3) Fact Finder

Side Two
1) Everything 

This record was originally meant to be recorded in October 2004, but didn't get done due to me going into a coma, and not being able to move for a long time, including not being able to walk for 8 months. But lots of determination and hard work got me back to be able to function about 90% back to normal.

    This session, recorded at New Alliance's new location in Cambridge, MA is a 100% analog recording, recorded on a 24-track, 2" reel machine, and mixed down to a ½" reel.  It was really important for me to have a true analog sound for this recording, because it is one of the heaviest sounding things I have ever recorded.

    The songs on this record differ from the first record in which the first record was more of heavy, punk sounding record, and this one is much heavier, and much more doom sounding. The song, "Leech" is definitely one of my favorite songs that I have ever written and recorded. It is so fucking heavy, it totally rules.  I don't usually brag about songs I have written, but this song deserves it. I would say it is probably the heaviest song ever recorded.

Like our first record, this one is filled with a barrage of negative, hate-filled lyrics about very personal things. The song on side 2, "Everything" is the longest song I have ever recorded (over 15 minutes long) and was written in 1990 for a band I used to be in called George H. Brown.  It is 15 minutes of pure misery...it would be a perfect soundtrack to a successful suicide attempt.  I didn't overdub any of the vocals in this song - I did it all in one take.  Ken Cmar, who recorded this session, and the people in the room were considering stopping the reel because (according to everyone there) I looked as full of extreme torture-filled pain as I sounded...turning various shades of red, as I exerted as much of nearly 40 years worth of anger, rage, and violence that I could muster.  I quote, "It was extremely painful to watch him record that..."
     "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" is like if AC/DC tuned down an octave lower, with a way heavier guitar sound, with the singer from Anal Cunt screaming the lyrics (which is basically true).  At the end of the song if you turn it up loud, you can hear Paulie saying "Yay!" triumphantly for getting the song recorded perfectly on the first take. And the song "Fact Finder," like the song, "Leech," is about someone who I tend to despise frequently for being a know-it-all parasite.

      To sum up this record, if you like doom- laden, despair-ridden, suicidal feeling, heavy heavy shit, that's really heavy, and totally heavy, this is something you must own.     
-Seth Putnam / 8-9-08

"Brother, you MUST!!!" - Rob Williams, Everyday of his Life








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