i came up with the idea for full blown a.i.d.s. in early 1997 when i was
jamming with my cousin scott and friend ron. i think they decided to settle
on the name bitch beater, but the band never went anywhere. most of the
songs i wrote were in 1998 when i basically lived in a drug den shooting
gallery. many plans were made to get this band going, me and nate linehan
actually recorded a version of "no one cares" on my 4 track in 1998. then
nothing, more nothing, then i moved to texas in 2002 and figured i'd start
the band out there, i found a couple of people, but again, nothing. it
wasn't until i returned to boston that i got old pals rob williams on drums
and paulie kraynak on bass. after a couple of quick rehearsals, we went into
the studio one day in january, 2003. did all the music, and mixed it in one
day. we also (that day) recorded a song called "throwing cars at people on
coke with thor", that was a duet with thor. thor wanted to call it "thor
with seth from Anal Cunt "(probably since no one has ever heard of full blown
a.i.d.s. at this time). as soon as i had the session mastered with the other
6 songs, i put it on my website for free download, and gave away free cd's
to tons of people. we played one show in the summer on 2003 and were
planning on recording 3 other songs to make the 6 we had recorded a full cd.
what we didn't plan on was me going into a coma a couple of weeks before the
studio session was booked. i couldn't walk for 8 months after the coma, so
we haven't really done anything after that. once i could walk again, i
practiced and recorded on a tape recorder the final 3 songs to make the full
blown a.i.d.s. full length cd. in late 2006, an impatient fan of the band
talked seth into letting him release a 12" of the 6 recorded songs. it
should be released in the beginning of 2007. hopefully, we will eventually
record the last 3 songs and get a cd out.




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