in february, 1986, some friends of seth's made up a fake death metal fanzine with made up death metal bands in it. for a joke, seth made up a fake death metal band to send in for review. he didn't want the song titles,band name,band member names,or song titles to be TOO funny, or they might suspect it was him. after questioning everyone they knew, seth finally admitted to being the one that sent in after they gave up harrassing people about whether they were in the band or not. in april, there was an opening for a band to play live over the radio at brandeis university, so seth slopped together a band, and made up all the songs as they went along,except for the 4 songs from the first demo. the band was always about making fun of everything about death metal. musically, it was like slayer,hellhammer,death,etc, but much faster. lots of songs have what people nowadays call a "blast beat"(what a gay term!). everything about the band was made to be more rediculous than other death metal bands, and more offensive as well. they even got a scratch d.j. to make fun of metal kids getting into rap. no one really did stuff like that back then(1987). satan's warriors played shows with bands like meliah rage,Anal Cunt ,shit scum,phlegm,executioner,bulge,etc.. the most rediculous part of the band was probably in late 1988/early 1989 when one concept was to have a white supremacist and a black supremacist in the same band. the d.j., infernal honky hater, was a black supremacist(he was actually a white kid, but on the bio at the time, it says his mother was a decent,god fearing black woman,who got raped by 6 white satanists, that was to explain why he was so white looking), and one guitarist, satanic nun molester,was a white supremacist that wore a nazi flag as a cape in concert. anyways, satans warriors were actually signed to new renaissance records, but never recorded because the label went out of business. the final satans warriors show was in july,1988. they recorded a demo that never got released, and the drummer quit the band during the session. not being able to find a drummer, seth played drums during the recording session in january,1989. over 20 songs were recorded, but the session came out horrible. a year later, after the band had broken up,seth did vocals for 6 of those songs from the session,and sent it to ecocentric records for a death metal compilation cd. the label didn't bother to put the comp cd out, but used the satans warriors songs for a split 7" with psycho. satans warriors are planning on recording a cd of most of the old songs(written between 1986 and 1988) in 2003, with seth on guitar & vocals, paul kraynak (ex Anal Cunt ) on second guitar, and john gillis(ex Anal Cunt ) on drums. the reason satans warriors don't have a bass player, "only poser bands have a bass player". that attitude carried over to Anal Cunt



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