siege formed as a hardcore punk band in weymouth, massachusetts in 1983. rob,kurt,and hank (henry) all went to the same high school, and formed a band. then after trying out various singers, including a guy with one arm, they ended up with kevin mahoney, from the neighboring city of braintree. over the next couple of years, they recorded a demo and tracks for pushead's "cleanse the bacteria" comp lp. the demo didn't have a name, but was soon known as the "drop dead" demo. siege played around 10 shows. in 1985, they had 2 out of town shows, one at cbgb's in new york city with the necros, and one in philadelphia. as rob,kurt,and hank were waiting for kevin to show up, kevin was in boston commons, feeding squirrels, and blowing off siege. siege got another singer, but things kind of fell apart with the band. in 1991, siege decided to reform, but without the original singer. so seth auditioned, and got the position as the new vocalist. in autumn, 1991, they recorded a demo at a horrible "studio" in quincy,massachusetts. the studio didn't get paid, so they kept the master reel. by the time seth gave them the money for the reel, it was ruined, possibly due to being stored badly. in april,1992, they played the first show with the new lineup. by this time, hank didn't want to be in the band anymore, so after the show, he was gone, and replaced by future nightstick bassist/vocalist, alex smith. they played a show with this lineup in august, and that was it for live performances. the band tried going on with various lineup changes, but it just fizzled out. the band almosts gets back together now and then, but things just don't seem to work out, for reasons you wouldn't understand unless you were in the band. someday, there might be something new from siege, but then again, maybe not




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