executioner started in 1984 as a metal band, and eventually got into playing speed metal. seth was a freind of thiers, and roadied for them on mini tours, and the tour in the summer of 1986 for thier debut album, "in the name of metal". after a show in san antonio, texas, the original bass player,ari vainio, flew home because he punched the van earlier in the day,breaking his hand. seth and the other 2drove home to boston. there was a lot of tension between ari and the other 2. shortly after they got home, ari cut his hair. marc, worried about the bands "image", threw ari out of the band after seeing him with short hair. if you think that's gay, they replaced him with a wannabe hair dresser, that swept floors at his uncle's hair salon. after the hairdresser quit, seth said "if i buy a bass, can i be the new bass player?", and they said yes. seth was pretty much just a guitarist around this time. looking forward to being in a band that made records and toured, even though he thought the band wasn't all that hot, he joined in autumn, 1986. they did some shows, recorded the album "break the silence" in early 1987, then did a big tour in may/june 1987, playing with most of the good bands from that time period all over the u.s. (bands like: the accused,voivod,kreator,dr. know,nuclear assault,st. vitus,dream death,the mentors,etc.). eventually, seth got sick of the band and wanted to do something new. a day after a show (in which satan's warriors were the opening band),on march 28th,1988, seth quit the band. they got another guy on bass, did some demos and a fake live recording that got released years after the band broke up



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