Did you get the name Anal Cunt from the GG Allin song, "Anal Cunt "?

no, i started Anal Cunt in march, 1988. gg wrote that song sometime in the 1990's. in fact, he asked me if Anal Cunt wanted to be his backing band in february,1989. i said yes. we never ended up getting together though,because he ws living in chicago at the time which is about 1,000 miles(1,600 km) away from where we were from.

What happened between you and Chris Barnes?

me and josh were looking for a new drummer for AxCx. sometime in 1996 (before we got nate). the only reason we went to the six feet under show was to hand out flyers looking for a new drummer. while 6fu were on, we were heckling them. after the show, chris barnes grabbed me by the shirt, which felt like being grabbed by a weak 2 year old. i asked him if he wanted to fight me outside, and he said yes. stupidly, i turned my back to walk out the front door and fight that gay midget faggot. as my back was turned, i got jumped by about 5 of his roadies/friends/whatever. the bouncers threw me out. chris barnes never touched me. i had some kid go up to the 6fu tour bus and ask barnes if he still wanted to fight me, by himself. he stayed on the bus, and probably blew a bunch of guys or something.

i still hear shit every now and then about chris barnes saying he kicked my ass (he didn't even touch me) and how he'd do it again. i don't know if that's true, or if it's just a bunch of gossiping internet fags, but either way, there is an open challenge still on for him to fight me (BY HIMSELF, one on one). after recently getting into six feet under (they're one of the funniest bands i've ever heard), it might be hard not to laugh hysterically if i did see him, so he has that advantage over me in a fight. if he started singing "Stepping Stone", i would probably be crippled from laughter. but even with that advantage, i'll still fight him anytime. an interesting note: six feet under has never played boston since that incident between us (i told you he was a pussy!!)

I heard you are married, is that true?

no, i'm divorced. (waiting for the "you look divorced" and "ha ha, your wife left you" jokes)

How old are you?

i was born on may 15th, 1968

What happened between you and drop dead?

we played a show with drop dead on halloween, 2000. i've know them for a while, and i knew the drummer long before they even were together. i found some photos of drop dead from when we played with them in 1993 at gilman street in california, and since i didn't have any reason to have drop dead photos, i brought them to the show and gave them to them, and chatted with brian and bob for a while before we went on. during our set, some faggot punk rocker was spitting on josh, so i went out and punched him in the face a few times. i guess he was friends with drop dead or something. also during the set, i was making fun of drop dead and their gay lyrics. after constantly making fun of them, their pussy singer came while my back was turned and pushed me off the stage, and i got kicked repeatedly by a bunch of faggot punk rockers. the crybaby punks were mad that i was making fun of towelheads, and just about everyone else. the gay guitarist for drop dead unplugged josh's amp, so josh took his glasses. if there was a mild fight,it lasted a couple seconds between other people, and everything got broken up and the cops came. after this show drop dead went around saying they beat us up, but it's all bullshit. they are a bunch of fags. p.s., this show was sold out, and the promoter only gave us $100. what a fucking jew.

i've ran into ben (drop dead guitarist) a couple times in the last few months, and everything is cool with me and him. so, i don't really have a problem with drop dead anymore (except for their dumb lyrics, hahaha).

What happened with hatebreed?

we were playing some metal/hardcore festival in massachuseets. there were 3 stages, the misfits headlined the big stage, Anal Cunt headlined the middle stage, and hatebreed headlined the small stage. something happened earlier in the room the little stage was in, so the promoter decided to have hatebreed go on before us on our stage. i was in the bar next door the whole day (i wasn't interested in seeing any of the horrible bands that played). when i came in to play, i heard hatebreed were going on before us, so i went back to the bar. during hatebreed's set, lots of people were yelling at them, because they wanted to see us. the singer in hatebreed started whining that they were more popular than us and sold more records. so, i came back to the show when i figured it was time for us to go on. i got on the stage to get ready, and jamie started yelling at me. him or one of his pals pushed me, then 20 of their friends formed a big circle and started punching. they were either punching themselves, or the ground, because on the video of this, you can see 20 wiggers punching, and me standing 5 feet away watching with my arms folded. no one in hatebreed laid a hand on me. the cops came after the promoter fucked us over and said we couldn't play, and wouldn't pay us either. i was being a jerk to the cops, and they arrested me, opening the door with my head as we left the building. i'd also like to add that the bouncers at this club were a bunch of fags who thought they were really important. mostly the door guy who said i couldn't come in the club unless i gave him a free cd. i said no, and he said every other band did it, and tried to scare me with an angry look. then he said i wasn't allowed back in. after i told the guy in charge what happened, i obviously got back in, but that fag still tried to give me shit as much as possible for not being afraid of his "authority". and the promoter is a cheap jewbag.

last october, a friend of mine was on the superjoint ritual tour bus, and the wigger faggots from hatebreed were on there also. they were bragging about how they supposedly kicked my ass, and how they would do it again if they saw me. a little later, i showed up on the bus, and they didn't say a word to me. i didn't say anything to them because i don't remember what they look like, so i had no idea it was them. they just looked like some run of the mill everyday wiggers. i got called into the back of the bus, and they sat in the front, and eventually left. so, they are still a bunch of shit talking fags.

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