i'm pretty sure insult started in 1992, but my memory could be wrong. by the time i joined the band, mike was the only original member. they started off as more of a speed metal kind of band, then eventually turned into a hardcore punk band. my first run in with insult was when i went to go see my friend's band, psycho, OPENING on new band night (they'd been around for at least 12 years at this point, so i felt kind of bad for them) . i was at the bar before any of the bands went on, and i saw some guy with anthrax written on the back of his jacket, and i thought he was a retard. after psycho got off stage, insult were next, and it turned out that the guy with the anthrax jacket was in the band, so i decided to leave immediately (this guy was mike, the drummer). i think anthrax are the worst band on earth, so, i didn't want to see them. a few months later, derek, who back then was just the vocalist, was setting up a show with eyehategod, and wanted Anal Cunt on the bill. so then i finally saw insult, and derek and i became friends. insult ended up playing tons of shows with AxCx.. blah blah blah. in early 1997, they were recording songs for their first cd,"i wanna be a burn victim". it was going horribly for them, so they asked me to come in and produce it for them. later in the year, they needed a bass player, so i said i'd do it. they had a show that night, and derek told seth the notes for all the songs. without 1 second of practice, they went through the set as if they had practiced a million times. in 1998, they did a west coast tour, and a couple of the days were spent doing live sets over the radio, which were later put on the AxCx./insult split cd. in the summertime, behind mike's back, they recorded 8 new songs on a 4 track where Anal Cunt rehearsed with the AxCx. drummer at the time, nate linehan. mike decided to keep his head in the sand, and pretend that that was supposed to happen that way. they did more shows (with mike in the band),blah blah blah. in early 1999, seth quit the band, and they got some italian kid to play bass. after they got rid of him, derek asked seth to rejoin, and write songs for a new cd. as of now, the supposed lineup is seth,derek, and john gillis on drums, but they haven't gotten together to come up with anymore new songs yet. one of these days, there might be a new insult recording



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